Practical effective self care for women 

My aim is to create a safe beautiful space for women to share their wisdom and knowledge. 

It is an online and life.

I am currently working on the online concept. 

My invitation is to start meeting regularly in Cork, West Cork and possibly around Ireland and do some magick together.


breast massage -
the white tigress and the deer breast massage to keep them and yourself young sexy and beautiful

yoni egg vaginal kung fu -
how to play with the yoni egg in your vagina, to strengthen the muscles and bring more sensitivity, how to play with the sexual energy in your body, be magnetic and juicy

yoni massage -
heal your womb with reflexology - breathe through pain and pleasure,
find your gspot, find your cervix, heal yourself from traumatic experiences
and past relationships

face and body massage -
face lifting and how everything is connected with everything else

breath -
how to use your breath, body awareness, feel good in your own skin,
yes it is a process..

the Red Tent