sezení na předchozí domluvě

we are here to live in bliss

I have been working in healthcare for about 20 years. My massage is very thorough, nurturing, energizing, relaxing, loving, uplifting

I give you experience that you will remember for a very long time, experience that you will want to come back for.



Whole body massage only, i do not do bits.


I use different techniques from old and new age.. And common sense is wonderful too!!


How are you breathing right now?

Breath is the greatest gift we have, bridge between the physical and the unatainable that which transcends us. 

We can use our breath to regulate... We can hack our nervous system and have immediate control over our emotional body.

What are you in for...

Whole body massage, from head to toe, combination of deep tissue, trigger points and long smooth strokes over your whole body. My massage is more stimulating, of course you will touch and connect with your inner world, it will be a ride, you shall relax and let go, and feel like you got a new body, supercharged. 

I use virgin plant oils, my favourite is sesame, it's the most suitable for our climate, and then almond, grapeseed, sunflower, olive, cacao, plus I add different aromatherapeutic oils. 

I work with sound and breath, ideally yours!

The more you moan and groan the more you move things around the body.

Price 120e for 90min

Breath Ceremony

An Sanctoir, Bantry, 15 -19h
Deep connected breath to feel, to embrace, accept, empower,enlighten…
Friday 4.2.
An Sanctoir, Ballydehob   17.30-19.30