Breath Ceremony

     Breath Ceremony

 Breath Ceremony is a sacred psychedelic sonic journey into your own subconsciousness and

unconsciousness (=body) using your own breath..

You will be guided and fully supported the whole time. 
We use deep connected breath through the mouth, sound, movement and touch to explore our whole being from an elevated state of consciousness and felt sense, to deeply accept, embrace all parts of ourselves, the nice powerful ones and the uncomfortable rejected ones, to feel , witness and thus heal whatever is ready to be healed, to transform, transcend, to liberate, to love, to relax into yourself, connect within, without. 

It is like we are sitting with our small hurt little child and by witnessing we heal.

We start in a circle, we may move to get into the body, to get out of head, 

We will breathe for an hour, supported by beautiful music, playlist or/and live,

or just the sound of your own breath.

I use drums, shakers, chimes, my voice, and the crystal harp and a gong

in my breath ceremonies.  

I am inspired by Biodynamic Breath for trauma release, Breath of Bliss and Transformational Breath,

tantric and yogic teachings, my own healing journey, sound healing and beauty.

My aim in this ceremony is to create safe space where miracles can take place and

where you can really go deep into yourself and discover how beautiful you are -

it is the hardest thing to accept our own beauty and power but the breath makes is possible! 

We are only one belief from miracle !

You heal when you love yourself through it.

You heal when you express what is inside.

You heal when you express your truth, it's medicine.

You heal when you forgive not only to others but yourself too.

You heal when you let go of how it should be and let it just be.

You heal when you realise that you are not broken and 

there is nothing to fix.

You heal when you when you get out of your head and into your body.

You heal when you move and be on your own timeline.

You heal when you let the past be the past.

You heal when you no longer resist and surrender to the flow.

You heal because you are doing the best and that is enough. 


When we use deep connected breath we activate the central nervous system, the parasympathetic nervous where trauma and conditioning is stored. We are directly working with the vagus nerve - the main key to being relax or ready to fight or fly or freeze in a situation - is it a trigger or are we cool..? .

We react and not act. We act the way we act, because of the energetics in our body. it is like we have no choice, we may even know in our heads what to do how to act.. and wish we could be smarter but the energetics of the body is so strong.. so this deep connected breath allows us to feel these entaglements, the source of our drama and we unwind, release, loosen. We liberate from tension, our bodies become loose and free and open, relaxed, we relax into who we are. We feel full of energy like everything is flowing our hearts are open, our creativity is switched on, our intuition, we have this infinite space inside. 

This 8 week journey is an exploration into the chakras. We will not do the theory, we will experience each chakra physically.

We use movement, sound, and then the homeopathic remedy together with the deep connected  breath to really feel the reality of each centre as it is now.

Is it open and free or is it blocked and restricted ? can i open it ? what is the insight from this? how can open? what can do, change to feel free flow? do i even want that? what do i want? what are my triggers? what other healing can i use to enhance my life..?  

The remedy has the power to truly open us to this experience.  

Please book in advance.


8 week homeopathic sonic psychedelic chakra adventure
starting 29nd January 2023
from 17h to 19h
at the Dervish in Cork

Breath is our bridge between the physical and non physical realities. It is the best fastest most effective connection to our body, our wisdom, knowing, to the Truth, to our intuition. We can hack our nervous system with different kinds of breath. Notice how you breathe right now.