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Breath Ceremony

This deeply powerful ceremony is a 2-3 hour journey where you will be guided into a higher / expanded state of consciousness using a deep connected breath through the mouth. 

Inspired by Tantra, yoga,  Biodynamic Breath and Breath of Bliss, my own personal journey, we use extatic dance, deep sharing, connection practices, sound healing, and an hour long breath journey to access divine inspiration,  your own essence, cross time and space, wisdom of the body instant emotional and physical healing.

The Breath Ceremony is designed so you can easily explore and witness whatever is currently alive for you,  connect with the source of your own divinity  and from the space of wholeness deeply  heal, shift, unfreeze, feel, lighten up, accept, grow, align,  ....to confidently own your Self and everything that is YOU.

Emotionally, physically, spiritually.

We co-create the space together to fully express the self,  to dive into the depths and rediscover more of our selves how much more beautiful, more powerful, more loved, more light,  more divine we are. We unfold ourselves to ourselves and every facet of the self possible.  It is truly a journey of coming back home and seeing and  loving and deeply accepting what is there - the light and the dark.  

Why to Breathe....

I find every breath journey is different and everytime is WonderFul. We don't know what it is going to bring but everytime it is a gift of wonder, excitement, expansion, magic...

I love the empowerment and the simplicity - we are our own gurus, the breath is there for everyone easily accessible

Through accessing our vulnerability, pain body, we realize, feel out own strength

I feel that through the nature / quality of the air element the air can reach places in the physical body that are not normally felt, we can move and shift emotions

and by accessing what we take for granted - the body,  we can access the infinite, our source, feel, experience ourselves as the Source. 

We can use the breath to trancend time and space to heal traumatic experience stored in the body, to project our destiny, to deepen our connection with Earth, 

I feel that ever since I started this breath journey, my life has been more and more abundant, rich, vibrant, exciting, i feel more peace and trust, i feel i manifest more of what i want and faster, I am more full of wonder , confident, connected - to myself and others, more aware, attentive.  More Joyful!

 And the exciting thing is - it never ends!

This journey of self discovery for me is soooo exciting  I breathe everyday - meaning i use the connected breath - I discover more of myself everyday my beauty, my depth, my divinity, my power, my love, my connection to other , I relate to other from a different space more refined evolved space, my communication shifted, and every journey i get more of myself of everything that i am - i don't have words for it it is something to be experienced.

This truly has to be experienced to be understood, but if you feel the need for some powerful healing, or if you just feel intrigued to learn more, please get in touch.
Please note; this is a powerful ceremony where setting the intention to participate can in itself raise spiritual/emotional issues to the surface to be cleared, similar to plant medicine except totally natural! My advice is to stay present and bring any headaches, or feelings of sickness to the ceremony for clearing.
It is advisable to gain the absolute most from the ceremony to prepare the day leading up to the event by eating light and vegan.

To book:

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Breath is a continuous thread that ties the moments of life together. The moments of life -- like beads on a necklace, or mala, are micro-opportunities to observe the connections across everything . . . the myriad of ways that moments are but the facets of a single event . . . the singularity as physics is calling it. Working with the breath is one of the most effective ways of working with life, for the breath is evidence of life . . . the spirit that’s being inspired. The inhale is the inspiration, the exhale is the expiration, and when a person passes from their body for the final time, the person has expired. Breath is the pathway you can travel into the deepest forms of your meditations, or even the shallower forms of contemplation. Known as pranayama, where prana -- the force which sustains life at the quantum level inside the cells, molecules and atoms -- connects to the oxygen you breathe. When you’re breathing consciously, you actually receive more prana into the quantum than when you’re breathing automatically and unconsciously. With more prana, there’s more opportunity for inspiration; with more inspiration, there’s greater chance of innovation; with a greater chance of innovation, there’s countless opportunities for the inventions of intuition . . . hence the systems ability to work around the obstacles presented in life. This is why the second sutra of the Aquarian time is, “There’s a way through every block.” This is simply a fact that’s forever a fact . . . through conscious breathing it’s discovered. It’s the opportunity inside your breath. Our prayer is that you’re ready to take up these opportunities with each breath; that your passion in life is to remove all the blockage from life, and that you then connect to the moments beyond these blockages, where momentum ties everything together, and the results are joyful innovations.